Xyron 900 Creative Station Laminator Review

Xyron-900-LaminatorXyron has made some of the most innovative crafting machines on the market, including their Create-A-Sticker machines and the Wishblade computerized cutting system. The Create-A-Sticker and Wishblade were cutting-edge gadgets that made crafting easier and, in the case of the Wishblade, brought it into the 21th century by enabling users to craft via computer. Now, with their Xyron 900 Creative Station, the company’s outdone itself and created a truly amazing machine. The Creative Station is a unit that can laminate, as well as create stickers, labels, magnets, and other crafts. It’s an absolute must-have for crafting fanatics and artistic types, but anyone who wants a cold laminator with some out-of-the-ordinary features will probably like it as well. Read on to find out what the Creative Station can do for you.

As with Xyron’s Create-A-Sticker machine, users can use both permanent and repositionable adhesive with the Creative Station. The adhesives are available on rolls (also known as cartridges), as are the materials needed to laminate and make magnets. The Creative-Station 900 can accommodate items up to 9 inches wide and the materials you can use with this machine are endless. Photos, fabric, cardstock, ribbon, and fancy paper can all be used with the Creative Station. And the operation of the machine couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is feed your item into the machine, turn the crank, and then trim down your work.

Also, this laminator doesn’t require electricity (thus making it a cold laminator) nor does it need batteries, so it’d be a good machine to have in places where children are present. Although the Creative-Station seems like it would mainly be good for homes, schools, or daycare centers, businesses could find many uses for the machine as well, especially since the machine produces high-quality cold lamination for a reasonable price (under $120). Artists and graphic designers could also find uses for this machine. The Creative-Station 900 laminator has something to offer almost everyone.

There are a couple of drawbacks to the Creative Station Laminator. For instance, replacement cartridges of laminate, adhesive, etc. are a bit expensive, going for about $35 a pop. The Creative Station itself is already somewhat pricey, so perhaps the additional cost of the supplies will be off-putting for people who are on a budget. Also, some users may find it difficult or annoying to have to change the cartridges when they switch from laminating to making stickers to creating magnets. Finally, some people might get frustrated with the 9″ opening, which makes it impossible to laminate or otherwise create large projects. A laminator or crafting machine with a larger throat will be needed, if that’s the case.

Nevertheless, the Xyron 900 Creative Station’s benefits outweigh its limitations. This is a powerhouse machine that has a lot of offer and anyone with a creative streak will find something to love about it. The Creative Station will definitely appeal to scrapbookers and the like, but businesses will be able to find a use for it, too. How many machines can you say that about?

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