Challenge Champion 305X Paper Cutter Review


Challenge makes some excellent heavy-duty paper cutters. One of them is the Champion 305X, a device that lives up to its name. Here’s how it stacks up….

The 305X is perfect for cutting large sheets. This device can cut paper that’s up 30.5” wide and 30.5” deep, so you’ll be able to process those large documents. There’s plenty of room on the cutting table so you’ll never feel cramped no matter how large your documents are.

  • This device has a false clamp that affects how much paper can be cut at once. When the false clamp is engaged, you’ll be able to cut up to 4 inches of paper, which is well more than 500 sheets. Without the false clamp, you can cut a stack that’s up to 3.75” high. This machine has a three-phase 3.5-horsepower motor so it’s able to handle a large number of sheets quickly.
  • This machine’s clamp is powered both manually and hydraulically. It’s capable out putting out more than 5,000 pounds of pressure so you paper will stay put when it’s being cut. The amount of pressure put out can be adjusted according to your needs. You can operate the clamp via foot pedal if you want.
  • To help you get the best cut possible, the 305X has a backgauge that’s operated by a handwheel. The machine has an LCD display so you’ll be able to see the position of the backgauge.
  • The 305X has an illuminated cutting line indicator so you’ll be able to see where your paper will be cut. This feature will allow you to make any needed adjustments before you actually start cutting. Also, the entire cutting surface is lit so you’ll be able to easily see what you’re doing.
  • This device is equipped with some great safety features. The rear table is enclosed to prevent contact with the blade and this machine requires two-handed operation. There’s also a blade safety latch so the blade will stay in the desired position to prevent injuries from occurring.
  • If durability is one of your concerns, you’ll be glad to know that this device is made from steel and cast iron. In fact, it’s one of the most durable cutters around so you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of it.
  • The 305X is one of those devices that needs a fair amount of room. Its dimensions are 58.5” (height) x 48.5” (width) x 70” (length) so it’s really not ideal for a lot of offices. (However, it would be great for print shops, mail rooms, and other similar environments.) If you choose to use side tables with this machine for extra room, it will be 78.5” long.
  • Finally, the 305X is backed by a one-year warranty.

Overall, the Challenge Champion 305X is a great machine to get if your workplace needs a heavy-duty cutter that can process large sheets of paper. This device offers a first-rate cutting capacity and its clamp can be operated either manually or hydraulically. The illuminated cutting line will help you cut right where you need to and the safety features greatly reduce to risk of an injury. This is a very large device, but that’s kind of to be expected with this type of paper cutter. If the 305X sounds right for your cutting needs, take a look at this Champion today.

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