How to Use the GBC Creative Laminator

If you need to protect and preserve important documents, one of the best ways is by running them through a pouch laminator. A popular machine is the GBC Creative Laminator, a compact device that is perfect for the home, office, and school. This machine has a 9-inch feed opening so it can be used to laminate a variety of documents- from papers that are letter-sized to smaller pieces such as business cards. Here is a step-by-step guide to using the Creative Laminator:

GBC Creative Laminator

GBC Creative Laminator

  • To start, plug this device in and turn it on. The Creative Laminator needs about 6 minutes to warm up. This machine only has one temperature setting so you don’t need to adjust any settings which can be convenient.
  • Select a laminating pouch for your document. This laminator can handle pouches that are 3 mil and 5 mil thick. (Read this article about stock weights for more information.) You should choose a pouch that is slightly larger than your document so that it will be completely encapsulated. If you want, you can trim away excess film once the laminated item has cooled off.
  • You need to use a carrier when using the Creative Laminator. The carrier will prevent adhesive from gumming up the interior of your machine. It also protects the document from heat and it reduces the risk of pouch jams. Center your item in the carrier and place it in the machine’s feed opening. The folded edge needs to go in first.
  • Once your document is placed in the feed opening, the Creative Laminator will begin laminating automatically. It takes about a minute to laminate a letter-sized document. When the item comes out of the machine, place it aside and let it cool.
  • Keep in mind that this device is meant to laminate documents and photographs only. You should never use it to laminate three-dimensional. This means items like kids’ artwork decorated with glitter should not be placed in the machine. Laminating anything other than documents and photographs will damage the machine eventually. With a broken machine, you’ll either need to repair or replace it, which can be expensive. This laminator does have a 1-year warranty but you can avoid using it by making sure to only place two-dimensional documents into it.
  • Repeat the above steps if you have any other documents to laminate. When you’re done, turn off the Creative Laminator to protect the motor and conserve power.

Using the GBC Creative Laminator is easy. The most important thing to remember is to use a carrier whenever you laminate your materials. Unless you use a carrier, adhesive will build up inside the machine which can damage essential parts and potentially cause more pouch jams. As long as you use a carrier, you’ll find it quick and easy to laminate your important documents.

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