How to Remove GBC VeloBind Strips From Your Documents

GBC VeloBind Debinder Tool - 7705047

GBC VeloBind Debinder Tool – 7705047

One of the things that GBC’s VeloBind systems are known for is their security. Many law offices, government agencies, and accountants choose VeloBind or SureBind strip binding systems specifically because they are reliant and tamper-resistant. While this is perfect for keeping things in place, it is prohibitive to editing your documents. For those instances when you may need to add or delete a page from your document, GBC developed a VeloBind/SureBind debinder tool. The securely hidden blade allows you to safely remove the binding strip from your materials. Here is a guide on how to safely use the debinder tool to remove VeloBind strips:

  • First, lay your project on a flat surface. Position the VeloBind strip to your right with the formed rivet heads facing up. While holding your materials firmly in place with your left hand, use your right hand to insert the debinder tool between the strip and binding cover at the top of your book. Keep the tool firmly pressed against the pages on the right and slowly pull the debinder toward you until you feel it hit the first stud. Continue to hold pressure against the right side while still pulling the tool toward you. Swing the handle to the right, away from your materials. This action should shear the first stud.
  • Continue down the spine of your document. Repeat the same actions for the next studs, pull down and swing to shear, until you finish the each one. For a quicker method, you can pull the tool toward you in one swift motion after the first stud is removed. Beware, however, that this does take a fairly strong hand. If you attempt this method, be extremely careful not to tear the document’s cover.
  • Once all of the studs have been sheared, you can remove the plastic strips and your book will no longer be bound. Once you add or remove the necessary pages, you can re-bind using a new VeloBind strip, as the original one has been sliced.

It is important to note that trying to take apart documents bound with GBC VeloBind or SureBind spines without using the debinder tool can be dangerous because a very sharp blade is needed. If you do own a VeloBind or SureBind machine, you will want to seriously consider keeping a debinder tool in your office. They are small, easy to store, and inexpensive. The two systems are similar enough that a single tool works to open the spine of either. However, this tool is not built to be used with 4-pin or 6-pin strips. These smaller strips are recloseable and can be reused.
Now that you’ve learned how to remove VeloBind from your documents, you can edit them as needed. The process is fairly easy and allows you to simply re-bind your materials instead of wasting them. Just be sure to use a new VeloBind strip for the second bind and you’re good to go. We would definitely recommend VeloBind as a secure and simple binding process for all your important documents.