Five Things You Need to Know Before You Buy A Comb Binding Machine


Tamerica 210PB Comb Binding Machine

Tamerica 210PB Comb Binding Machine

You’ve finally made the decision to bind a plastic comb binding machine. This is a wise move, since comb binding is one of the easiest ways to produce professional-looking documents.Before you rush out to buy your machine, there are five things you need to know to make a wise purchase.

  1. Plastic combs come in a number of different colors so you can probably find some that complement your company’s color scheme. Some of the colors available are maroon, kelly green, navy blue, black and white. You can also order combs in custom colors if you want. Doing so can be expensive and you’ll have a lot of combs on your hands since you need to order a minimum of 10,000 combs. Thus, be sure to check out the available colors before investing in a comb binding machine.
  2. Most plastic combs have 19 rings and are designed for use with letter-sized documents. It is possible to work with different sizes of paper. There are combs available for larger and smaller documents but you may have to put in a special order to get the size you need.
  3. Plastic combs are available in 2 shapes: oval and circular. Most of them are circular but the larger combs – that ones that are 1.25” in diameter or more – are oval. They also have locks on them so the pages won’t fall out of your documents. If you need to work with the oval combs, make sure your machine can handle them. Not all comb binding machines can.
  4. In order to work with documents of different sizes, you’ll need a comb binding machine with disengageable punching dies and an open throat. By disengaging one or more dies, you’ll be able to create the right hole pattern for your paper. If your machine doesn’t have disengageable dies and you need to work with paper that’s not letter-sized, your documents will have partial holes at the ends of the paper. This is definitely something you want to avoid.
  5. When you’re choosing your machine, look for one that has an adjustable depth of punch margin control. This feature will help you position the holes a certain distance away from the edge of the paper. You should adjust the setting when working with very thin or thick documents. Holes should be closer to the edge of paper for thin books and further away for thick ones. This helps create a secure binding and makes the work easier to read.

These are the five things you need to know before buying a plastic comb binding machine. Be sure to keep them in mind as you look for your device.

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