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How to Bind with the Coverbind Personal Binding Machine

The Coverbind Personal Binder is one of the smallest manually operated desktop binding machines on the market. Because of this, it can be placed on your desk without becoming an annoyance. For such a small machine, it is still capable of binding up to five documents at a time depending on spine width. Here is […]

Go Green with our new Go Green covers

Whether you’re part of a green company initiative, an eco-conscious person or someone looking for great paper, The Coverbind Go Green covers not only make a difference, they are a quality alternative when shopping for paper. We at MyBinding want to preserve the Earth and provide customers with the best products possible. This is why […]

Get Trimming This Summer with Our New Trimmers!

While school is out, now would be a perfect time to catch up on any prep work necessary to start a school year. Whether you are a student, a teacher or simply someone who needs to trim some documents, this down time is a great time to knock out a paper trimming project or two. […]

How to Customize a Bookmark

If you’re an avid reader like I am, one of the worst feelings is opening up your book to realize that you never put a bookmark in the last page you were on, instead relying on sheer memory to get you back to where you were. Bookmarks can make or break a reading experience and […]

Do I Need a Heat Assist Laminator?

If you have been shopping for a wide format or commercial laminator you will find machines that are labeled hot roller, cold, and heat assist.  Each type of machine has its own place in the market.  However, for the purpose of this blog post we are going to be looking at Heat Assist laminators and […]

Laminating Your Artwork – Four Reasons For Artists to Laminate

Have you ever dumped a cup of coffee onto your finished professional artist portfolio, or accidentally spilt water onto your finalized watercolor painting? Well trust me, you are not the first, nor will you be the last! There are many ways that all of your precious artwork, designs, portfolios, and photographs can be ruined accidentally. […]

Fun With Laminators For Kids

Laminating machines can be used to create professional graphics, posters, and banners. Compact devices are needed to make ID badges, key cards, and name tags. But increasingly people are purchasing laminators for their home. Kids love to express their creativity and a laminator provides another outlet for this. Here are a few things children can […]

Seven Halloween Crafts to Make With A Laminator

Fall is here and with that comes crisp air, falling leaves, and pumpkin soup. And of course the October holiday beloved by children of all ages, Halloween. While kids are busy picking out costumes and carving pumpkins, you can create custom decorations for your home. Here are seven fun Halloween craft ideas. Laminate your kids’ […]

Eight Reasons To Laminate Your Scrapbook Pages

A laminator is a great tool to have around the house for a variety of reasons.  One popular project is to laminate items for a scrapbook page.  In many cases, however, you might find it better to simply laminate the entire page.  Many personal size machines are wide enough to accommodate the average 12 inch […]

How to Make a Sticker With the Xyron Create-A-Sticker 150

Although it may seem like it’s too difficult to make your own stickers, nothing could be further from the truth. The Xyron Create-A-Sticker 150 is popular with people who want to make their own stickers for scrapbooking, class assignments, and so on. Here is how you make a sticker with this device: Insert a roll […]